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Brand QCY

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QCY Products Australia

Sobre provides the Australian market with state of the art Bluetooth products from Chinese manufacturer QCY. QCY is a world-renowned developer of intelligent Bluetooth headsets, speakers and chargers. QCY is respected both in China and internationally for their innovation and dedication to designing products that are stylish, durable and maximise sound quality. Feel free to browse our extensive range of products from this internationally-renowned designer, and get in contact with the team at Sobre if you have any further enquiries about their products.

About QCY

As part of Dongguan Hele Electronics Co., Ltd, QCY has been producing innovative Bluetooth technology since 2011. Opening a flagship store for their products, QCY began to focus on a commitment to refining E-commerce for Bluetooth products whilst refining their Bluetooth products to be leaders in innovation. They have since expanded their business to provide hi-tech Bluetooth headsets and speakers that are perfect for use during exercise. As well as their commitment to providing intelligent Bluetooth headsets and accessories, QCY has also developed an app called “We Playing”, which incorporates sports records, health plans, social networks and shopping to provide their customers a multi-service platform for their products.

The Sobre difference

At Sobre, we believe that the homes and offices of Australia can be made more sophisticated through the use of innovative technology. Therefore, it is our mission to source advanced technology that enhances the art of living well and living smart. With an extensive collection of intelligent headsets, speakers, chargers and accessories available at our online store, Sobre has become one of the leaders in supplying the Australian market with sophisticated technology.

Feel free to peruse the collection of products available at our store and get in contact with our friendly team of staff if you have any further enquiries about our products.