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Welcome to Sobre –Provider of State of the Art Technology

Sobre has been formed to provide Australia’s with state of the art, smart-living technology. With a collection of products that have been designed to enhance ease of living and functionality, Sobre aim to bring the art of intelligent living to Australian homes and businesses. The companies we have partnered with are world-renowned leaders in the design and manufacture of superior quality technology. Their products have featured and won awards for their innovation and quality of design. We are proud to be the premier Australian provider of such brands including RAVPower, Taotronics, Anker and QCY.

What do we provide?

Sobre has a commitment to providing the Australian market with intelligent technology to promote smart-living in the home and office.

Our range of products include:

  • Batteries/Chargers: Sobre has an extensive collection of batteries and chargers from international manufacturers. With a range that includes wall and portable chargers, they were created with the intention of making charging phones and accessories simple.
  • Cables: We supply a range of heavy-duty charging cables that ensure your need for new cables is alleviated. Our range includes cables proven to be far longer and with a greater bend tolerance than other cables available on the market.
  • Headphones: Sobre supplies a range of state of the art, wireless headphones designed to enhance sound quality and make headphone use more functional.
  • Speakers: The speakers available for purchase at Sobre provide maximum sound quality for minimal size. They are compact and highly portable making them perfect for travel.
  • Adapters: With so many people on the go at rapid rates the need for charging adaptors is greater than ever. Sobre provide a range of adaptors that are perfect for charging on the move.
  • Lighting: We provide a range of smart lighting products that help to enhance productivity when working.