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Anker was founded in 2011 in California, the brainchild of a group of friends working at Google. Fast forward a few years, we’re now the industry leader in mobile charging—empowering the lives of millions of people around the world.

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6 products

  • Anker Products Australia

    Sobre is proud to partner with Anker, an American developer of innovative batteries, chargers, cables, audio and appliances. Created by friends who worked together at Google, Anker is quickly earning a reputation for designing and constructing high quality products across a range of devices. They have opened a number of stores in the United States where they provide their hi-tech products for individuals and businesses alike. Sobre has an extensive collection of products from Anker which includes their durable, extra-long charging cables, portable USB chargers, and high-power external batteries.

    Feel free to browse through the collection of Anker products available at our online store and get in contact with our friendly team of staff if you have any further enquiries about Anker technology.

  • About Anker

    Anker was formed with the mission of making mobile truly mobile. This means not being held back by any limitations, being able to go wherever you want at any time with the help of mobile products. Since their inception they have quickly earnt a reputation as a leader in mobile power, providing mobile chargers and batteries that help people get the most out of their mobile accessories. Sobre is a proud partner of this innovative and forward-thinking company, and will continue to source their products for the Australian market.

  • What sets Sobre apart from other technology providers?

    It’s simple, really. Sobre has a profound commitment to sourcing technology for the Australian market that enhances the art of living smartly. With our dedication to providing Australian individuals and businesses with the most hi-tech innovations available, we are fast becoming a leader in providing mobile power.

    Feel free to browse our range of products and get in contact with our friendly team of staff if you have any enquiries about Sobre and what we provide.