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Effortlessly Power Your Life with Anker Powercore Products

Consumer technology is all about ways we can make our lives easier – more convenience, less struggle, less effort. Nowadays we keep many devices with us at all times, keeping them ever-ready, but this brings with it a host of new problems. Smartphones, watches, wireless headphones, game controllers and cameras need power in order to enhance our lives, and powerful modern devices need a lot of it. It’s none too convenient to have to constantly find a power point or turn your device off half the time to maintain charge.

That’s why the Anker Powercore line of cutting-edge external batteries represents the ultimate in convenience technology. By enabling 100% uptime for your other devices through high-capacity, fast-charging power storage, the various Powercore and Powerport batteries allow you to live a truly free, modern lifestyle.


Anker and Ravpower power banks available now online

Not just a single-brand outlet driving profits to our manufacturing partners, Sobre is committed to providing consumers freedom of choice. We currently stock both major competing brands within the portable charger market, allowing you to select your preference of Anker and Ravpower power banks freely. Both companies produce consistently high quality products, meeting Sobre’s internal standard and splitting discussion over which brand of charger is actually superior.

Our online store carries a complete range of Anker Powerport and Powerport+ charging hubs, Powercore 100000 - 20100 and Powercore+ model USB chargers, and Ravpower portable chargers from which you can make your selection.


Pushing back the boundaries on portable charger technology

Both the Anker Powercore and Ravpower portable charger ranges have been responsible for swiftly advancing the capabilities and expectations of the humble power bank. Their competition has driven demand for stronger and more efficient devices, with their cutting-edge offerings such as the Anker Powercore 20100 providing more powerful statistical performance along with a number of proprietary technologies.

Common features for these Ravpower and Anker’s advanced USB chargers include smart charging, where the charger automatically adapts to the maximum charging speed of the connected device, automatic compensation for the unstable charging capabilities of most USB cables, and various surge protections to keep the internals of an attached device safe in the case of fault or accident. When compounded with the incredibly high capacity of these advanced power banks and their own fast charging speed, the distinction between these luxury charger brands and lower-end products becomes very obvious. If you need to power the best in cutting edge technology, you need to buy Anker or Ravpower.