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Brand Awei

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Awei Products Australia

Sobre is proud to be the Australian provider of state of the art music products from Chinese manufacturer Awei. With a collection of products that includes wireless Bluetooth earphones, multiple Bluetooth headphones, speakers and accessories, Awei has earnt a reputation for being a leader in sound innovation. Feel free to browse through the extensive collection of Awei products we have available, and contact the team at Sobre if you have any further enquiries about our collection.

About Awei

Awei is a smart headphone company who designs products combining the fashion stylings of South Korea with European minimalism. They have a dedication to creating products that produce maximum sound quality whilst being compact and stylish. Although hugely popular in South Korea since its inception in 1993, Awei has long been lacking from the Australian market. They have merged with Shenzhen Yale Electronics Co., Ltd and have since become one of the market leaders in innovative headphone design.

Sobre is proud to be one of the leading providers of Awei products into the Australian market. Our partnership with the label was created with the intention of bringing smart technology that has had huge success in Asia to Australian individuals at a reasonable price.

The Sobre commitment to quality

Sobre has been created with the intention of tapping into the wealth of intelligent technology being developed overseas. We recognised a lack in technology that enhances the art of smart-living and decided to bring in products that provide technological intelligence on a new plateau.

Feel free to browse through our extensive range of Awei products and other smart technology available at Sobre, and get in contact with our friendly team of staff if you have any enquiries about the devices available at our online store.